Electric Plugin and Hybrid Specialist - IMI Certified

Electric Plugin and Hybrid Specialist - IMI Certified

Centurion Fast fit are IMI certified specialist in plugin Electric Vehicle and Hybrid Car Servicing and Repair in Coventry and Midlands which will save money on primary costs at an Independent Award-Winning Garage

Servicing and PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid and Electric Vehicle) isn't exactly equivalent to servicing some other vehicle.

There are various components inside the PHEV car that are distinctive to ordinary cars and require specialist information and preparing to keep up and maintain.

Our technicians are prepared and affirmed to work with high voltage frameworks, hybrid motors, electrical engines, power inverter frameworks, energy/equipment frameworks, electric control drive detecting frameworks, battery recovery stopping mechanisms and other explicit components. These require specialist knowledge of hardware that require assets. At Centurion Fast Fit we perceive that these cars are now in the Midlands region but the decision around servicing and repairs are genuinely restricted. Up to this point, a fundamental vendor was the most secure and most dependable objective however now you can set aside cash by picking an Independent Garage with specialist assets and capacities.

The Service we provide brings a level of trust and transparency that all our customers can greatly enjoy. We are devoted to remove the bridge gap between confusion of hybrids and plugin electric ownership and how that essentially would appear in your personal life.

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