Classic Car Restoration

Classic Car Restoration

Centurion Fast Fit are specialist in vintage classic car restorations and our team of experts will work on your vehicle to bring it up to its formal glory so that it can be loved once again. We will disassemble the entire car to their component parts. We will evaluate each and every parts condition including the engine and gearbox / transmission to see if they can be used again. If there are any concerns or doubts regarding the condition of the parts, then we will replace them with new ones. There is no other way to ensure that your restored vehicle will provide years to come with pleasure and love you deserve.

We will disassemble the vintage classic car into its component parts and evaluate each part’s condition. If the part is reusable than we will, else they will be replaced with new ones.

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* Please Note that price may vary based on your vehicle's restoration project and requirements.

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